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3 Reasons to visit Bhutan during winter

Despite majority of tourist visiting Bhutan during spring and autumn, following 3 reasons will show why you should visit Bhutan during winter season (December, January and February).

Cheaper to visit

Visitors to Bhutan except regional tourists (Indian, Bangladeshis, and Maldivians) have to bear a mandatory minimum daily tariff of $250 per person per night stay in Bhutan during peak tourist seasons (spring and autumn) and $200 during lean tourist seasons (winter and summer).

Since winter (December, January and February) falls under the lean category, it is cheaper by $50 per person per night stay in Bhutan for same services and facilities.

Due to less number of tourists visiting Bhutan during winter months, flight tickets are also easily available and airlines sometime offer discounts on flight tickets during winter months.

Less crowded

Tourist visiting sites are less crowded due to minimal number of tourists visiting Bhutan during winter months. More over best accommodations and language speaking guides are easily available during winter months.

Favorable weather conditions with less rain.

Winter months in Bhutan are not as cold as one might imagine. An average temperature during day time on western region, where you will be spending most of your time in Bhutan, remains around 10 degree Celsius making it more favorable for sightseeing tours.

Chances of raining at near negligible with skies remaining very clear throughout entire winter months; one can enjoy a better view while touring Bhutan.

Towards late January, western and central parts of Bhutan receive light snowfall, providing chances for those visitors who have not experienced snowfall previously in their life to enjoy.

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