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Mode of Transportation within Bhutan

For tariff paying tourists, transportations are arranged by their respective tour operators. SUV cars are used for 1 to 3 people, mini bus for 4 to 10 people and Toyota coaster buses for larger groups.

For regional tourist (Indian, Bangladeshis and Maldivians), who have the flexibility of choosing their own transportation services in Bhutan, there are taxis and buses. But in Bhutan, bus services are very limited. For instance there are only two to three buses that ply from eastern to western Bhutan and their tickets are always booked out. Therefore it is always an easier and better option to arrange your transportation through a licensed Bhutanese tour operators. On the other hand one can look out for taxis plying between your desired locations or book them for entire day or for entire tour.

Domestic flight service

You can also connect to certain places in Bhutan using domestic air services. At present there are three domestic airports in Bhutan as follows:

1. Gelephu at south

2. Bumthang at northern central region and;

3. Yonphula at East.

However flights to some of these domestic airports are suspended due to maintenance works. Do contact us for details if you are planning to use domestic flight services.

Helicopter services

Helicopter services are available in Bhutan. Following are the charter fee for helicopter services to visit few of the tourist attracting sites in Bhutan. Do contact us in advance for booking.

From To Landing Spot Flt time (minutes) Cost (in USD)
Paro Thimphu Lungtenphu RBA Ground 20 1,458
Paro Bumthang Batpalathang Airport 110 8,021
Paro Laya Langothang Village 80 5,833
Paro Punakha Zomling Thang 50 3,646
Paro Trongsa Sherubling HSS Ground 80 5,833
Paro Manas Manas park football ground 150 10,938
Paro Tashigang Kanglung 168 12,250
Paro Gasa Gasa Public Ground 52 3,792
Paro Haa Imtrat helipad 12 875

Note: Maximum of 6 passengers can accommodate in single a chopper; meaning 6 passengers can divide the above mentioned cost to charter a helicopter.

Road conditions in Bhutan

Roads in Bhutan are undergoing major transformation into double lane from a narrow and curvy single lane of barely 2 meters wide which have to support traffic in both the directions. Best part of the roads so far you will discover in Bhutan are from Paro international airport to capital Thimphu and then to Punakha district 78 km east of capital Thimphu.

However within one to two years time, Bhutan’s primary road which stretch from southwest Phuntsholing via capital Thimphu, through central region and ends at southeast Samdrupjongkhar will all transformed into a comfortable double lane. The road widening works are at its near completion.

If you are visiting Bhutan during summer months (June, July and August), you must expect few road blockages caused by mudslides and landslides which are common at this time due to heavy rain falls.

The average speed that you can drive in Bhutan is only between 40 to 50 kilometers per hour. It is always a better option to arrange your transportation through a licensed Bhutanese tour operators; who on your behalf will book a driver well experienced on Bhutan’s curvy and narrow roads.

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