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How safe is to Transfer your tour money to Bhutan?

Transferring tour money to Bhutan is very safe with less or no risk involved. All the travelers/tourist to Bhutan except regional tourists (Indian, Bangladeshis & Maldivians) must book their tour through a local Bhutanese tour operators and the tour payment must be wire transferred through a bank prior to their visit. Credit cards, visa cards or debit cards are not accepted.

Tour money wired transferred to Bhutan are regulated by Tourism Council of Bhutan. The bank details provided by respective tour operators actually belong to Tourism Council of Bhutan maintained with Bhutan National Bank and the tour operator’s name and account numbers are reflected as ultimate beneficiary. Tour operators are given access to the money only after the completion of tour.

The only risk that travelers should be aware of while transferring their tour money to Bhutan is to cross check with Tourism Council of Bhutan whether the tour operator that they are booking their tour is a registered tour operator or not.

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