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Visiting the entire world is an immensely difficult task. However there are parts of the world, unique in its own way, unsoiled by man's materialistic pursuit, where the past and the present, man and nature, lives in harmony. Bhutan is such a country

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Special Packages

Special Packages

Bhutan’s clean and pristine rivers originate from the Eastern Himalayas and end with the Brahmaputra River in Assam, India. Apart from being...

Cultural Packages

Cultural Packages

A cultural-tour equivalent of Bhutan’s most challenging trekking route, the Snow Man Trek in the high Himalayas, this is a 16 day sojourn, which...

Trekking Packages

Trekking Packages

Trekking In Bhutan One of Bhutan’s most popular and easy treks for trekking in Bhutan, Druk Path Trek takes one through one of Bhutan’s...

Festival Tours

Festival Tours

The three day Thimphu Tsechu has a blend of mask dances initiated in 1867, by the fourth Desi, Gyalse Tenzin Rabgay, and those...

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Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition 2016

The 2nd Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition, held at the lovely Ugyen Pelri Palace grounds at Paro, in a majestic setting boasting of the grand view of Paro Rinpung Dzong and Ta Dzong, was hugely popular with innumerable visitors from from Bhutan and abroad.


Bhutan: Luxury in a tiny Himalayan kingdom

Bath butlers, shoe removers and fire stokers: tiny Bhutan treats its visitors like members of its royal family, Leah McLennan writes. My butler is on his knees untying my shoe lace.


Bhutan: In search of happiness

“Happiness is a place” is the catch-cry of the Tourism Council of Bhutan. I’ve arrived in this Tasmania-size country curious to find out if Bhutan is indeed the happiest nation on earth

Beautiful today, beyond words the following...


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